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Privacy API is the first of it's kind - a "solution of solutions." Our Privacy APIs solve three distinct problems faced by businesses: secrets management, data breach monitoring, and customer data management as it relates to privacy requests. We offer, through our privacy API, secrets management solutions, data monitoring and data breach monitoring, and customer requests to execute data privacy requests like Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten requests.

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Privacy API

Privacy API Tools for an Increasingly Public World

Our privacy tools available in the Privacy API allow companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise companies to manage, store, and monitor privacy-related data from one unified dashboard. Receive alerts when there are issues, data leakage, or other important events. Respond to customer data requests and deletion easily. Protect your brand and customers with the leading world-class privacy API solutions from

Distributed Privacy API Servers

With availability in datacenters all over the world, we have fast APIs for privacy solutions that can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year in development costs. Rapidly delopy applications and software with our robust Privacy API tooling.

Secrets Management and Identity Management with Privacy API

Manage secrets and keys securely with's Privacy API. Our privacy API offers robust tools and methods for managing digital authentication credential secrets, including passwords, keys, other APIs, and tokens for use in your operations. Securely store and manage customer data like social security numbers, health records, and other personally identifiable information with Privacy API.

Privacy API Secrets Management

Data Monitoring with Privacy API

Our machine learning system monitors the public internet for data breaches and other incidents.

Privacy API Data Monitoring

Customer Data Requests

Manage customer data requests easily and efficiently with robust tooling from Privacy API. Easily handle customer requests for Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten. Ensure customer data is removed from other software solutions by third parties.

Privacy API Customer Data Requests Erase Data

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Privacy API Testimonial from Lisa

Being a security researcher, I am always interested in the cutting-edge solutions being provided by cyber security companies. Privacy API has solutions that put them years ahead well-known Fortune 100 companies. After having an early preview of their solutions, this is THE company to watch. I am certain Privacy API will be leading the pack."

Lisa, security researcher at a leading Ivy League school

Privacy API

Privacy APIs to keep your privates private