What is a Privacy API?

An Application Programming Interface for Privacy

Privacy API ™ has many features and functions that allow you to streamline your business operations. With solutions that cover nearly every aspect of privacy related business needs, our solutions offer a robust toolset that allow your business to easily integrate our privacy-focused APIs with your existing infrastructure and software solutions. Learn more about Privacy API ™.

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Privacy API Solutions for Today's Open World

Maintaining privacy and data security is essential in today's world. From managing secrets and keys, to maintaining billing information and customer lists, medical records and other sensitive customer data, nearly every business has a need for the solutions provided by Privacy API ™.

Our Privacy API allows businesses of all sizes to protect SaaS, mobile, and web applications from data breaches. Our robust toolset allows you to connect multiple data sources and securely retrieve, update, and delete data from a variety of existing software solutions and vendors. With major support for other API integrations, our service acts as a go-between to securely manage customer data without the need for expensive third-party audits. Our software is both HIPPA and PCI compliant.

Our privacy tools available in the Privacy API allow companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise companies to manage, store, and monitor privacy-related data from one unified dashboard. Receive alerts when there are issues, data leakage, or other important events. Respond to customer data requests and deletion easily. Protect your brand and customers with the leading world-class privacy API solutions from PrivacyAPI.com.

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Best-in-Class Privacy API

Connect to dozens of APIs to manage privacy in one easy to use interface. Our "API of APIs" allows you to manage secrets easily and securely. Using the most-secure encryption technologies, we can maintain privacy in a world that demands it.

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Secure Connections Across Every Platform

Using the best in class security protocols, we offer another layer of security that is unrivaled. Audited by 3rd party firms, we can maintain your compliance, including PCI and HIPPA, with a simple interface.

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Privacy API Testimonial from Lisa

Being a security researcher, I am always interested in the cutting-edge solutions being provided by cyber security companies. Privacy API has solutions that put them years ahead well-known Fortune 100 companies. After having an early preview of their solutions, this is THE company to watch. I am certain Privacy API will be leading the pack."

Lisa, security researcher at a leading Ivy League school

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Privacy APIs to keep your privates private